LED Young Researchers 2015

Mr Lisborn Khoza

Bachelor of Community & Development Studies (UKZN).
BSocSci Honours Public Policy (UKZN).

Research Interests: There are a number of policies and pieces of legislations that give birth to public participation, however in reality public participation remain as a “blanket approach” just a consultation. 
My research interest is within public participation, to investigate challenges that often hinder public participation in planning and implementing LED Projects in Local Government.

Ms Ziphozihle Titi

Bsc Biochemistry (WSU)
Bsc Honours Biochemistry  (UKZN)

Research Interest: My research interests are in the development of science and technology in KZN and its impact in poverty alleviation.
Research Topic:
The Impact of Science and Technology in developing competent LED role players; A special focus in science and technology studies in urban and rural schools.

BsocSci Media & Politics (UKZN) 
BsocSci Honours Public Policy (UKZN)

Research Interests : The role of development agencies in Industrial hubs focusing on ILembe district municipality (Isithembe Industrial Estate).

Ms Phindile Mkhize

Bachelor of Community & Development Studies (UKZN).
BSocSci Honours Public Policy (UKZN).

Research Interests: I am interested in public participation in the process of implementing LED projects.

I am focusing on evaluating to what extent is the public allowed to partake in decision making regarding to deciding on which LED strategies to be adopted to address the problems that they encounter in their communities.

Ms Sinethemba Mthimkhulu

BSocSci Psychology & legal studies (UKZN)
BA Honours Psychology, Psychological Counselling (UNISA).

Research Interests: My interests will be on education of the community and local economic development mechanisms and how this can be carried out.

Main focus will be place based economic development initiatives. An exploration of uMhlosinga development agency in addressing poverty in relation to the communities knowledge of the agency.

Ms Thandeka Mbambo

BA Culture & Heritage Tourism (UKZN)
BSocSci Honours Policy & Development Studies (UKZN)

Research Interests: My interests are in rural development and ensuring that LED initiative in rural areas are implemented sustainably.

My main research focus is utilizing monitoring and evaluation as a tool to ensure that LED is implemented sustainably within rural areas

Mr Isaac Khambule

BSocSci Politics &Philosophy (UKZN)
BA Honours Specializing in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (UCT)

Research Interests: Socio-economic issues that have immediate impact on us. Economic challenges in Africa and how to best deal with them.

My focus is on social dialogue and participatory governance. My Research project will be looking at LED as a social dialogue: A critical examination of Enterprise ILembe as an Economic Development Mechanism of Cooperation. 

BsocSci Geography and Environmental Management (UKZN).
BSocSci Honours Sociology (UKZN).

Research Interests :I am interested in  renewable energy initiatives and local economic development. The research will focus on the development of renewable energy resources which supports local economies, the creation of green sustainable jobs, and moving towards a cleaner region, and more reliable energy for the future. 

Focusing on how renewable energy development and its contribution in boosting local economic development.

Mr Naman Ramadhar

BCOM Finance & Economics

Research interest: includes investigating cities as drivers of RLED. I aim to research the underlying contributing factors that have led to the development of economically strong cities 
such as Silicon Valley and Singapore that have created economic hubs, leading to urbanization. This would then outline the essential policy actions necessary for Sustainable Economic Development in eThekwini. 

Mr Manono Luthuli

BSocSci Psychology (UKZN)
BSocSci Honours, Organizational Psychology (UKZN)

Research Interests: Many LED projects are initiated and implemented but not all of them remain sustainable. 
Hence the sustainability or lack thereof, of the development and economic growth arising from the implementation of RLED initiatives, and the reasons thereof. Sustainability as measured in terms the goals of the IDP (Integrated Development Plan), the SA LED network as a framework and the goals set out by that specific LED project/initiative. 

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